My Vivid Vision

My Vivid Vision is the foundation for my personal and professional life. It is my vision, my mission and my business plan all in one.

On February 1, 2020 I feel clear and joyful as I move into the next 3-year cycle of creating and progressing towards my true potential and life’s work. I am open to receive and accept the abundance and blessings the Lord gives me each and every day. I am grateful for these blessings as well as the simple pleasures in life. Each day I pause to honor the Lord and give thanks for all that I have. I expand each day with the love and abundance from above. The light from this love and abundance extends outward from me onto my family, my community and the world.

On February 1, 2023 I will have reached my Vivid Vision goals and will plan for the next 3 years. These are my personal and professional goals for the next 3 years…


I have a daily walk with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He guides me in all that I do and leads me in my life’s purpose. The light that shines from me, is the light of his love and grace. I enjoy and find value in our church that we attend each Sunday. I am grateful for the fellowship and mentor-ship of other Godly women around me. I spend time each day reading God’s word. I honor God’s creations, Mother Earth, the Moon, the Stars and I am in synchronous rhythm with their cycles.


I live an empowered, wellness lifestyle that allows me to practice self-care and proactive health care as a part of my everyday life (and my family’s life). Health is one of my main priorities because being healthy helps me to fulfill my life’s purpose. I am healthy. I am strong. I am calm. I am in my right size body. My body and my mind function at optimal levels in harmony with one another. My immune system is strong and functions optimally. My nervous system works smoothly and effectively with my other body systems. My organs pump, excrete and flow in harmony with one another. Aliments, illness, aches and pains are treated easily and effectively with natural solutions. My family is also healthy.

Eating whole, organic and natural foods plus avoiding sugar comes easily to me. I practice mindfulness and 30-60 minutes of yoga each day. I have a morning routine that is energizing and inspiring. I have an evening routine that is calming and grounding. I take supplements that nourish my body and cells from the inside out. I enjoy outdoor activities like tending to my garden, beach walks, hiking, camping and playing with my children. I get a massage once a month. I get a manicure/pedicure once a month. I take baths often and yoni steam weekly. I sleep well for 8-9 hours per night.


I am a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter. My two roles as a wife and a mother are sacred and I am honored God chose these roles for me. I find joy in being a wife and I enjoy spending time with my husband. I hug and kiss my husband often and I set aside time to be intimate together. We go on a date once a week and take a mini vacation, just the two of us, once a year. I support my husband in all he does and he supports me with each of my goals and personal developments. Our relationship is continuously improving and growing in positive ways. We know that love and God is the foundation for a successful marriage and family. I show my love and gratitude for Todd with acts of service and I tell him often that I love him and appreciate him.

I find pride and honor in being a mother. I find it to be the greatest job I have ever been given. I know my actions, attitude and emotions shape the aura in our home so I am joyful, calm and kind. I serve my family as a way to serve God. I lead by example and try to teach my child through the word of God. I am mindful and present with my family whether we are together or apart. We have fun as a family and take mini vacations throughout the year and look forward to our yearly Hawaiian vacation. We enjoy spending time with our extended family each week. We honor and celebrate God, our ancestors and Mother Earth.

My family is safe. My family is cared for. My family is loved. My family is blessed.


We live a simple and humble yet abundant life. Todd and I have financial freedom to provide for our family, pay our bills, tithe and travel. Our needs are met. At this time, we have $500k in retirement savings/investments and continue to grow that number. We have $15k in immediate savings for family emergencies or other needs. We are free to give to charities that we support. We are grateful for the monetary abundance the Lord has provided for us.


As Holistic Nightingale, I offer holistic coaching, energy work and distribute supplements and essential oils. I am a Board-Certified Holistic Nurse, Holistic Coach, Energy Worker and a doTERRA Gold (or higher) leader. I focus my doTERRA business on empowering others to live a wellness lifestyle with the use of supplements, essential oils and healthy daily habits. Supplements are the foundation and focus of my business – sharing and educating that we can heal our mind, body and emotions from the inside out. I put an emphasis on nourishing the body at a cellular level to affect the mind and emotions plus heal physical ailments. I educate and demonstrate that healthy daily habits make a difference in creating a wellness lifestyle.

The Nightingale Collective is a very successful group of women who empower other women to live a natural and holistic wellness lifestyle. We have an abundance mindset and help each other grow. We collaborate on projects, workshops and retreats. My builders know and clearly understand my goals and visions, plus feel supported by me. My upline leaders know and clearly understand my goals and visions and I feel supported by them. All those on my team feel empowered and connected to the community (Nightingale Collective) we have co-created. I have 3 front line builders who are Silver rank or higher. We are influencers who empower those around us and we lead by example in our passion for natural and holistic living. My builders and I not only work together but we are friends and enjoy our time together. We attend convention and leadership conferences together. We utilize the resources doTERRA has provided for us so we do not waste time reinventing the wheel. We use these resources in a way that fits each of our individual needs or niche.

As a RN, I am satisfied working in an environment that promotes naturopathic, functional and/or integrative medicine plus a holistic framework for treating patients. Working as a RN provides me with benefits such as affordable and comprehensive medical insurance, retirement savings and a college savings plan for my children.


We live in a home that meets our needs, is cozy, warm and non-toxic. We have enough space for our family, our pets and our guests. Our home has an open floor plan with comfortable furnishings. We have organic mattresses and bedding for everyone. We have enough land to enjoy outdoor activities and grow an organic garden. We live in a State where the laws support our way of living. I am able to easily and successfully home school my children.


I live in a community that supports my family’s wellness lifestyle. I value my close friendships and make time to see my friends each month. I have clear boundaries and do not commit to or participate in events, gatherings or social media that do not serve me. I surround myself with positive, like-minded people who respect my values and support me for who I am.

At the end of the day, I know all you need is love and a sunset. What matters most to me is my relationship with my family and the Lord.