What are people saying about energy work? Here are testimonials from some of my patients and clients.

“I had the pleasure of Sierra’s presence and 24-hour care during a recent surgery. Her calm, loving bedside manner, quick and responsive nature; and natural instinct for caring and healing is a quality that most nurses do not innately possess. Having a RN at my bedside was a big benefit to my healing process, however, the methodologies and teachings of the Healing Touch practice is what expedited and eased my body and mind during a painful and difficult recovery. Her gentle touch, positive energy and selfless attitude brought my body unparalleled energy, decreased pain and a quick recovery. I did not consume all of my prescribed pain medications because of her superior care. I know that if I was not in the hands of such a skilled and caring professional, both my mental and physical healing would have been delayed. For that, I am forever in debt to someone who holds such powerful compassion, healing and love directly in her hands.” -Megan Doyle  


Megan Doyle – featured testimonial

“I recently received Healing Touch from Sierra while I was in the hospital. This hospital admission was the first time I had been back to the Intensive Care Unit and I was in a lot of pain, very anxious, worried, tense and scared. I hadn’t slept the last two nights because I was feeling sick and I was just so worried. Sierra came in and got me into a comfortable position and dimmed the lights for me. I closed my eyes while she performed Healing Touch. As I laid there my anxiety level decreased and my pain slowly diminished. I felt this calming sensation come over my body. My non-stop thoughts of worry began to drift away and I began to feel at peace. I wasn’t trying to do or feel anything in particular, I just let Sierra do her thing and I just noticed all these changes begin to take place. I became so calm that I drifted to sleep and stayed asleep for over 3 hours! When I woke up, I felt so rested and could not believe how much I felt at ease. These changes in my emotional status greatly enhanced my physical wellbeing. I am so thankful that Sierra was able to focus my thoughts on healing instead of worry which helped speed up my recovery. From this experience, I would recommend Healing Touch to any and every one. It is definitely beneficial for healing the body but also healing the mind. Thank you, Sierra, you made a dramatic positive change in my life and I hope you continue to put others at ease and heal their mind, body and soul.” -Jessica Neilson

“I had an amazing healing session with Sierra this morning. I am 35 weeks pregnant and after having a traumatic, emergency section 2.5 year ago, I wanted to clear my energy before my baby’s birth. I’ve never had my chakras balanced so I really didn’t know what to expect and I was a little skeptical before meeting Sierra, but wow…so worth it. I feel relaxed, at peace and a sense of renewed energy. Sierra has a beautiful spirit and knows what she is doing. I’m forever grateful, thank you Sierra!” -Turath D’hont

“I just had an unexpected healing experience and recommend others to try! I won a raffle recently with the healing nurses. Called by Sierra and went for a relaxing healing session. Wow! I am a Registered Nurse and have heard of this and what a cool experience to feel the energy that helps heal and in my case RELAX! This is a form of healing I believe truly helps patients and I’m happy I got to experience this! Sierra was so sweet and explained everything thoroughly! -Maura Daly

“I highly recommend Sierra Marie Baker’s healing work to anybody needing a break from the chaos and stress of everyday life and work!! I have been dealing with fatigue and pain from autoimmune illness, and Sierra’s healing work brought some much needed relief from everyday symptoms while making me feel relaxed and centered. The combination of massage and energy work really come together to ease the body into a deep state of relaxation and Sierra brought an element of compassion, listening, understanding, and collaboration to the session, helping me figure out what kind of treatment would best suit my needs. I wish I could get a healing touch session 2-3 times a week!!! It is definitely worth seeking out as an important compliment to comprehensive and integrative health approaches!!!” -Heidi Rhodes

“I had been struggling with chronic back pain and an acute headache for 2 days when I decided to try Healing Touch, for pain reduction, with Sierra. I didn’t know what to expect, but I went into the session with an open mind and let her “do her thing.” To my amazement, she was right on target with her techniques! Without knowing where my back injuries exactly were, she was able to assess my pain energetically and began working to reduce the pain, which I felt almost immediatey. Sierra was also able to take away my headache completely. 24 hour laters I am still headache free and my back pain continues to be dimininished in quality.” -Tisha Chew

“Sierra is amazing! I met her for Reiki treatment and am so happy with her. She’s just about the sweetest person ever, and I love the combination of holistic healing with the more clinical environment, it’s very professional while also being very relaxed and peaceful. I can’t wait to see her again!” -Marisa Nolan

“I had Sierra do Healing Touch with me and I must say it was very enlightening. One thing that helps is to be open to the experience and don’t talk too much. Clear you mind, relax and be open to what one can feel if you allow yourself to. That is not that easy as you have to ‘re-concentrate’ continuously while she works on you!” -Robert Scurich

“I won a free healing touch session with Sierra when they came and set up an info table at CorePower Mission Valley. Sierra was so nice and the whole experience was great. I didn’t have any injuries or anything wrong with me, but it was great for stress relief and relaxation.” -Reena Ayoub