My Cancer Story

This is my cancer story. I am not even sure where to when does cancer begin? Why does cancer happen? How does cancer attack a seemingly healthy person? Conventional medicine will tell you it is genetics. Perhaps exposure to a chemical/toxin/radiation increased your risk for getting cancer. There is still little understanding on how … Continue reading My Cancer Story

Get Grounded

Do you ever feel spacey, disconnected or overly emotional for no reason? Perhaps you begin to feel achy, tired or sore after a busy day at work. These can be signs that you are not grounded. Grounding is not a new concept. Our ancestors lived completely connected to the Earth - carrying out daily activities … Continue reading Get Grounded

Happy Heart Day

The classic American theme for February is centered around love, hearts and celebrating Valentine’s Day. Fitting with the theme, February is Heart Health Awareness Month. So, in honor of love and hearts, I’ve put together a list of 5 simple, holistic tips to keep your heart healthy and happy. Relax. The act of relaxation promotes … Continue reading Happy Heart Day