Summer Ritual with Buddha Teas

Summer is my favorite season! It’s when I feel most wild and free, most balanced and full of vitality. The sun is shinning, the air is warm and fresh and Mother Earth is full of life. Summer is the essence of my being. 

As a Holistic Nurse, it is important to me to maintain balance and wellness for my entire being. Over the last couple months I have been noting ways to harness the feel-good feelings of Summer so I can enjoy them year round. I have also become increasingly interested in herbs and their medicinal properties, which lead me to remember one of my favorite childhood traditions, brewing tea in the sunshine! This tradition can actually be done year round and used to make hot or iced tea. Drinking tea has many health benefits including: providing antioxidants, improving the immune system, aiding in digestion, balancing hormones, increasing mental alertness, reducing stress, promoting sleep and creating a sense of well-being. Herbal tea can be a delicious way to hydrate on hot Summer days too!

I recently discovered Buddha Teas, a local tea business offering “100% unaltered, organic and wild crafted teas made from the freshest herbs, carefully packaged in only bleach free tea bags.” Over the last month I have been brewing their teas in the Summer Sunshine to make ice tea to enjoy over the weekend, at the beach, at work and at home. One of my favorite things about Buddha Teas is their philosophy in which they based the creation of their name on. 

“The key aspects of Buddhism is living a life in harmony with the world, one of simplicity, generosity and filled with compassion for all life. As a company devoted to offering natural teas that are healthy for consumers and for the environment, this philosophy was a perfect fit. By taking from the earth no more than what we need, and giving back to it through recycling and compostable products, Buddha Teas would strive not to profit from the earth, but to honor it and its many blessings.” That philosophy is in line with my beliefs and the way I want I to live my life, which is why I choose to drink their teas.

Another thing I love about Buddha Teas is the light, natural flavor of their teas. I genuinely taste the delicate flavor of each herb and feel confident there are no added ingredients. As an energy medicine practitioner, it is important to me to find additional ways to keep my chakras balanced. Buddha Teas recently reached out to me and offered me 2 sample boxes of their Chakra Teas. I thought this would be a great way for me to add a new method to keeping my chakras balanced so I agreed to try Sacral Chakra Tea and Solar Plexus Tea. I was delighted with both the taste and balancing effects I felt from the teas. Each of the Chakra Teas are crafted to resonate and attune to each chakra, thus creating balance and inner harmony within the human energy system. For those of you who don’t know, “Chakra” is the ancient Sanskrit word for the seven central points of energy that reside within the human body, which are responsible for maintaining balance for our physical, emotional and spiritual state.

Buddha Teas provides a simple explanation of their Chakra Teas and why they are a great option for obtaining and maintaining inner balance.
“Balancing the seven chakras within can be a difficult task to accomplish, often involving long sessions of meditation and self-reflection. For those seeking to restore internal balance, help can be found in the power of nature. We have carefully crafted these seven tea blends using herbs that are known to resonate with each individual chakra, providing support and stability through their own natural strength. These blends have also been further empowered by infusing the essence of crystals into the herbs, making them even more potent.”

Mindfully sipping on Buddha Teas will be a ritual I carry with me far beyond the Summer season. Brewing and drinking Buddha Teas will become that piece of Summer I connect with and enjoy all year round. 


brewing Buddha tea

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